Monday, August 20, 2012

Fitting at Four

Today was my fitting for the Liberace film, "Behind the Candelabra". Shoot starts this Friday. I'm looking forward to it as I always do this kind of work.

The era on the set re-created for this film is 1977 - 1987.

Liberace Museum 2010
Looks like I will be playing a member of the backstage team, like a hair stylist or make up artist for most of the shoot. This really just means I'm a featured extra, by the way. For this I was fitted with a black blazer which was sort of cute but polyester, though not the breathable kind, like we have now.

Also put aside for me for another scene is a baby blue chiffon collar dress, pantyhose, (remember those?), and white sandals.  Now that I look at that description it kind of reminds me of something Queen Elizabeth would wear.....I just need the white gloves.

The fitting yesterday was located in a ballroom at the Las Vegas Hotel converted into "wardrobe central". Everywhere I looked were racks of pastel polyester.  In the boxes and boxes of shoes organized by size, I spotted an actual pair of Dr. Scholl's "exercise" sandals...remember those?, (turns out they're still around, pretty impressive). There were also about 50 pairs of clogs....and of course, it wouldn't be the 1970's without men's white patent leather loafers!

The wardrobe stylists had their work cut out for them, as they always do. I got a chance to meet Dale, who is working in wardrobe for the film. She is also the new costumer/costume designer for the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company, so I know our paths will cross again, and two other great ladies also outfitting the actors in their 70's and 80's best.

After this it was a few minutes with the hair stylist who told me to come in with my hot rollers still in my hair on the shooting days and they'll do the rest. There were photos everywhere for us to take home of Farrah Fawcett, Olivia Newton John, Heather Locklear, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Make up was different then too, no lip liner, sheer foundation, frosty eyeshadow, and lips.

I can't post any photos from the fitting. I signed a confidentiality agreement yesterday for the film which is almost always required by everyone working on a production. I think it's good to talk about projects, create some buzz, etc., but never to give too much away, out of respect for the finished "product". Artists don't show a half finished painting, and I think that's how film makers feel about exposing pieces of a film before its time.

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