Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Open Call....

Liberace returns to Las Vegas....by way of Michael Douglas, in the HBO film, "Behind the Candelabra".

The upcoming production, shooting partially here in town, prompted the need for a true Hollywood tradition...the "open call". (Otherwise known as a "casting call", or "cattle call".)

Open calls go back to the beginning of film making. Used more often in cities where fewer films are made, OC's are also done in big industry hubs like N.Y. and L.A.

What casting directors like about them is they can see a lot of actors quickly, in one place, and in person. (Helpful, since actors don't always look like their headshots....some not even close!)

I think there were about 350 who showed up to be seen by Rich King of Rich King Casting, David Anthony, of David Anthony Casting/Background Players, and several other associates.

Rich King Casting is based out of L.A. and has cast several features. Recent projects include several episodes of "True Blood" and "Big Time Rush", the feature, "We Bought a Zoo", and "Get Him to the Greek", (to name just a few).

The good thing about open calls for actors is that anyone who participates is seen by casting. This is not the norm in the biz. Also, both union and non union can usually attend an OC, which is a big plus for non union actors trying to for union eligibility.

The majority who attended the open call yesterday will not land any of the limited speaking roles, but instead be hired as "Background Artists"......the actors who are seen next to, behind, and surrounding, the lead actors in a film or television show.

I have not been to an open call in a long time, as most of my work is booked directly through casting, so it was so fun to see everyone again. Plus, there's always a happy buzz in town when a feature comes to shoot.

We'll see where I land in Liberace's (recreated) world!

Rich King, Miriam, and Garrett
with Rich King Casting

Hi from the Las Vegas Hotel, (formerly Las Vegas Hilton)

The "gate keepers" Guy Chapman, Actor, and
Arttours Weeden, Actor and S.A.G. Board member

Special thanks to Rich King and associates for letting me take your pic.

For more information on

Rich King Casting

David Anthony Casting, ("Like" on Facebook)

"Behind the Candelabra"

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