Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You need a vacation!

Definition of "vacation"

A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation.
Dreamstime.com...Kristian Peetz

I'm the "vacation pusher". Why?... Because I am always encouraging friends, family and associates to take that MUCH needed vacation or "staycation" every year.

My own example of this would be a Caribbean Cruise in 2005. My husband and I were both so busy and stressed, we don't even remember the first two days on the ship! I think we slept the whole time. Seven days later we resembled ourselves again. A friend had encouraged us to go on that cruise. He didn't realize what a favor that was. So, since then I know!

Minimum Vacation Time Around the World, Legally Required by Country, (Nationmaster.com)

28 days      Australia    ....Good for you, mates!

35 days      Austria      ....They need it, they're still getting over how they got sucked into WWII  

10 days      Canada      ....No kidding, that's why you're all so darn friendly!

6 weeks      Denmark    ...So that's why they all look 19

5 weeks       France      ... This is why "French Women Don't Get Fat"*

20 days       Hungary     ....Glad to see they are "hungry" to experience life!

20 days        Ireland       ....20 days to be the life of the pub.....and walk the hills of green velvet

18 days        Japan        .....One of the highest life expectancy rates on the planet

25 days        Norway      ....Because some days it's just too hard to get out of bed with frozen toes

30 days        Spain         .....Learn to "salsa" in 30 days or less!

28 days        Sweden     ....  Here's to you, the originators of my family tree

28 days        Switzerland....  Known for being a "stoic" country, even they "get it"  

None            United States ....Highest rate of divorce, crime, obesity and vehicle deaths on this list

I love our country but too many of us are over stressed, over worked, over spent, over weight, and yet, "under" happy. For the sake of your overall health and quality of life, take a break. The world won't stop turning!

Show yourself and your children that there is more to life than work...

Don't be a hamster on a treadmill.

Lastly, even if you can't get time off make it a "vacation at home". Order take out, get a foot massage, don't do the dishes, (ok just do the really gross ones), have a picnic, take a bubble bath, play video games until you fall over, call your friends, watch 47 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, visit a long lost friend, play an old record or CD, have sex, roll in the grass, play tag, ride your bike, see a movie by yourself...........

This is a re-post of what was one of my more popular blog articles. Still as relevant today, in fact, even more so!

*Author: Mireille Guilan,

Anna Wendt Copyright 2012