Friday, June 29, 2012

What's in a size? now it's no secret that designers and retailers have adjusted their sizes individually so that no two are alike.

"Marie Claire" Magazine sent a perfect size 8 "fit" model, shopping.

What size fit her is not the same everywhere!

True to her size 8 were, Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean and Gucci.

At Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, The Gap, Donna Karen, J. Crew and Armani she was a size 6.

Banana Republic a size 4. (Everyone knows their sizing is beyond generous).

And just as I always suspected, at H&M she was a size 10. Their sizing is cut supermodel small!

Me, I have always been 3 different sizes, rather than giving numbers I will just say what they mean:

-Small, i.e. "Good enough for Hollywood"

-Medium, "Not quite good enough for Hollywood"

-Medium/Large, which means, "Put down the ice cream or you'll never work again!"

Health and fitness are important to me so I adhere pretty well, most of the time!

I once read that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 which is considered "big" today. The actual truth is she was only a size 14 in Europe which was a size 10 in America.  Still, a size 10 would be considered too "big" for someone her height in Hollywood today.


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