Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NHL....National Hotness League :)

Which is to say I always enjoy working this show....

The testosterone in the theatre is intense! Hockey guys seem pretty down to earth though...kind of like firemen...on ice skates!

It was at the Wynn this time.... In Garth Brooks Theater....otherwise known as the Encore Theater. Nice!

"Nickelback" were the featured band...AWESOME music for the NHL Awards. I am a fan of theirs, but it must've been a bad day as they were dropping the "F" bomb left and right. I heard they came up with their band name from one of them working at Starbucks and he hated it when a coffee was 3.95 and someone would ask for their nickel back....well I'm sure those memories have faded. From "barista" to Bad boys...

The exit required us to walk the entire length of the red, except for
the "silence" of the hockey could have heard a pin drop!
You know because who are we, right? I find it amusing....

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