Monday, June 25, 2012

Mike Tyson on Broadway.....?

The Great White Way is welcoming none other than Mike Tyson...

Apparently the boxing legend's one man show here in Las Vegas, "Mike Tyson, Undisputed Truth" is quite a hit.  A scarce few productions achieve even a limited run amongst the best of the best, and he is being welcomed at the Schubert's Longacre Theatre, no less!

I haven't seen the show so I can't render an opinion. However I do think that his approach to talk openly about his mistakes, accomplishments, and everything in between is something people find intriguing. Like or hate him he is still a "celebrity"...and you don't see many of them actually being this open about anything.

Art is a term that describes a diverse range of human activities, and the products of those activities. So this makes Mike Tyson an "artist". Oh, and the man can be funny. He surprised us all in the "Hangover" films...and his "" spots.

Anyone who has the courage to put himself up to such scrutiny as Broadway...I can't help but say, "Break A Leg"!'s just an expression Mike.....

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