Saturday, June 2, 2012

Call time came too early TODAY

'nuf said

The shoes held up yesterday and for 16 hours no less!  Glad it went well at the pageant and at the film shoot.

I started to really fade around 11:30, hour 15, so I warned the director that if we're not done soon I may get "mean" and it's not pretty....however we were done shortly after...hmmm.....

Another actor needed a ride home. I"m always sympathetic to people who need rides. (I think it comes from not getting my driver's license until I was 19. Failed the test a few times.)

The other actors on the short were funny and talented and that left me with a good feeling about the project. Still two more scenes then it's done.

After that I was in bed by 1am...up at 6am and back on set at 8:30. I feel pretty good, considering.:)

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