Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Comedians in cars getting more coffee

To conclude my summer re-runs of previous popular posts, here is one of my favorites. This show is still going strong, and it should be. Each twenty minute episode is packed with humor, hot rods and one of the funniest in the biz having coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, including Jim Carrey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steve Harvey, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, Tina Fey, and more.

Classic cars, comedians, and coffee. Where can you go wrong? Actually, I should call this article...."Comedians in cars making me skinny"...because this show has helped me pass many hours on the treadmill. I discovered it while looking for something to watch on my iPad while propping it up on one of the various sweat machines at the gym.

Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld,

Jerry Seinfeld picks up one of his famous funny friends in one of his many classics cars from his collection, and takes him or her out to coffee for simple conversations over hot java. Comedians are most enjoyable to me this way because they are unrehearsed and just observing life, living, saying whatever comes to mind at the moment. Although I'm sure some editing has been done the format just feels real. Whether he's picking up David Letterman in a souped up station wagon, Ricky Gervais in an Austin Healey, Carl Reiner in a Rolls Royce, or Sarah Silverman in a Jaguar, it's the best of the best 11 to 17 minutes I watch online. They hang out, chat, and stuff their faces at coffee shops in New York and L.A. and diners such as Nate & Al's, Jerry's Deli, the local donut shop, and even a convenience store.

Seinfeld is one of the few people in the business who can call a legendary comedian and get a "yes" without even asking the question first! He hasn't done an episode yet in Vegas as far as I know but I hope he does...we have plenty of great comedians here.
This golden nugget airs on and is one of 19 of their original series. I have found Crackle to be a great site for watching free instant episodes of TV shows, movies and other media. 

 David Letterman..."Being an older parent, I know when it comes to the heavy stuff I'll be dead by then."
Jerry ......"You don't know that." 
David....."I don't know that, but sometimes it's useful."

Sneak Peek...

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