Monday, July 20, 2015

First ever NBA Players Association Awards to air July 21 on BET

Taking a play from the National Hockey League who has had their own televised awards show for a few years now, the National Basketball Association, (NBA) decided to do the same.

The Players Awards, otherwise known as the NBA Players Association Awards, were taped here in Las Vegas on July 19 at the Rio Hotel & Casino in the Penn & Teller Theater.

The Players Awards air on BET Tuesday July 21 at  8P/7C

Look for some highlights from this past NBA season as well as awards for Best Defender, Player You Secretly Wish Were on Your Team, Hardest to Guard, Best Clutch Performer, and more which are given to some of the top NBA players as voted for by other NBA players. With appearances by LeBron James, Ray Allen, DeAndre Jordan, Allen Iverson and many others, you'll see guys in the same room that you never otherwise would unless they're fighting over a ball on the basketball court.

The Players Awards are hosted by comedian and SNL cast member Jay Pharoah. An impersonator of Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama and others, Jay is a man of many talents with his fast paced and sometimes biting, but good-natured humor. Comedian Hannibal Burres also makes an appearance.

Host Jay Pharoah...Photo, BET

The show opens with a musical performance of Glory by Lil' Wayne, and also features Monica, Kid Ink, Fifth Harmony, and 2Chainz and crew, who use some amazing new IOHawks, (personal mobility devices) as part of their choreographed dance number. These may look like electric skateboards but there is much more to them which is why they go for around $1,800 a piece.

I stood in for Fox Sports' Kaileigh Brandt, and my friend Kevon, for former NBA player and commentator Jalen Rose. We had the chance to work on our improv and commentating skills during least until they took over for the show.

If you're a basketball fan or even a sports fan be sure to check out The Players Awards July 21 on BET!

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  1. Another nice article on the 1st Annual NBA Players Awards Show, Anna. Yeah, Jay Pharoah was really hilarious. What a great talent he is. I love reading your Blogs. They're so informative. Keep up the great work!