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Magic in the Moonlight

Written and directed by Woody Allen, Magic in the Moonlight is a tale about a famous magician played by Colin Firth, who is skeptical of clairvoyants. Known for exposing them as fakes, he sets out to prove Sophie (Emma Stone) is just that. Ironic, considering a magician is himself in many ways, a fake. 

Emma Stone and Colin Firth
Setting aside the lush and elegant location in the south of France, to me, this story, taking place in the late 1920's is more like a play that just happens to be on film, than a motion picture. Perhaps Mr. Allen is reaching back into his playwright days, and it works for this film.

Woody Allen is showing his age in this movie. By that I mean his themes are less focused on the neurosis and anxiety suffered by many of us in our daily lives but instead on the larger questions we ask ourselves about the meaning of life in general. Questions such as is there a God and a spirit world, can it be accessed by certain people, does prayer work, do our lives hold more meaning than just what we see, do we live more than once....

If you either like Woody Allen movies or are fond of classic films you'll probably enjoy this one.  If not, you may be better served by one of his non Woody Allen type pictures such as "Match Point."

Of course I won't give away the ending. I will say though that this story criticizes those who perform "tricks" of various kinds, but it also equally gives them credit and explores our need to believe in something other than what we can see and explain.

Emma Stone, Woody Allen and Colin Firth on the set.... "Magic in the Moonlight"

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