Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sydney After Dark

"Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura...behind the curtain, behind the aura?" 

- Lady Gaga

To borrow a question from one of the songs performed last night in Sydney After Dark, I think the audience answer would be yes...Tonight at 9:30 is the last performance of the limited run of Sydney After Dark at Planet Hollywood's PH Showroom. I checked it out last night with some friends and we had a great time. The ladies have talent and the music was so high energy at times I was wishing there was a dance floor!

Natalie Conway, the lead singer is a force all her own and it was wise of the production to highlight her vocal talents and personality, not to mention she can really rock a chrome bikini!

Also notable were the two aerial acts, which were a nice surprise and thoroughly enjoyable albeit more sensual than acrobatic. The group and solo dance to "Darling Nikki" straddled the fence perfectly between bondage inspired and tasteful.

The roping routine to AC/DC's Thunderstruck was exciting, but I couldn't tell if they were using the actual recording of the original band, or a recording of an impersonator, which distracted me from that act a little.

A true "pro" never misses a beat, and this was evident in the few moments during an audio glitch when they lost sound and just kept on going until it returned. 

Most of the ladies of Sydney have worked together for five years all over the world, London, Paris, L.A., Tokyo, etc., and it shows. Watching them perform, their energy and mutual respect is palpable so it doesn't seem like just nine bodies in motion, but  a private party, in which the audience is invited.

However, as some before me have said Sydney After Dark is held in too large of a venue and would be better served in a more intimate setting. I agree. The venue's title, the "PH Showroom" is misleading, as it's actually not a showroom but a very large multilevel theater. The performers when not downstage seemed sometimes quite far away and it felt a bit detached at times. The stage is also rather cavernous and the nine ladies when not near each other were spread a little too thin thereby lacking a comfortable focal point from the audience perspective.

One last note, I wish they'd publish these ladies names somewhere so proper credit can be given, because I couldn't remember them all from the introduction and wasn't able to find them anywhere online or otherwise, except for the lead singer.

Whether or not they stay in Vegas in a different venue or return later, I would see their show again.

Creative direction and costume design by Belinda Chapple

Choreography by Miss Ame Delves & Wil Sabin

Sydney After Dark Photos are used for editorial purposes only

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