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Local Cast is making "Divorce" a Hit on The Strip

UPDATE....just found out this show is ending its run in Vegas on June 19 to go on tour. Catch it through June 19 in Las Vegas or look for it on the road after, it may have an upcoming showing in your town!

This show is sexy, fun and fast paced...just like the center of the strip where it plays.
Divorce Party The Musical opened on the strip this spring, and is generating heat with its hilarious musical parodies and sizzling Las Vegas based cast. After the show I went backstage for a little divorce party after party to get to know this delightful and high energy cast a little bit better…and ended up making five new friends! 

Divorce Party The Musical was written by Amy Botwinick, who authored two books on surviving divorce after she went through a three year “drama trauma” herself. The show debuted in her home state of Florida, had runs in various cities and now has a home in Las Vegas at Windows at Ballys.

“When we brought the show here, because of my knowledge of the Las Vegas talent base, I insisted on an all local ensemble.  With award winning industry professional Troy Heard as casting director, we were fortunate to find the family we were able to create.”  

- Jennifer Young, Producer        

All of the performers do live in Las Vegas, and the cast is a magical combination. Their five voices are beautifully matched to the fun and saucy songs and to each other. This musical includes some spicy, fun and up to the minute lyrics which are tailored parodies of American standards.

In Divorce Party Las Vegas, Linda, who just embarked on the tumultuous journey herself, is packing up her life and getting ready to start over, with no idea how to do it. She is surprised by her big sister Carolyn, her cousin Courtney, and former college roommate Sheila. These ladies, being a bit more experienced in marriage, divorce and dating, decide to spend a couple of days helping Linda to accept her divorce, move on, and embrace her new found single status, with a divorce party!  They hire a hot masseur to relax Linda, a stylist to give her a fresh look… addition to a few other surprise visitors. 

Of the song parodies featured in Divorce Party Las Vegas, two of my favorite are, Respect, which became D-I-V-O-R-C-E, and My Favorite Things, about the "miracle" of surgical cosmetic enhancements.

Kelly Ward is Linda, the soon to be divorcee, who has lost her mojo after her sixteen year marriage fell apart. Over the course of the weekend, she is “turned on” to a whole new world of dating and is intrigued as well as terrified. Kelly has shined in previous Las Vegas productions such as Nunsense and Hairspray.

Jacquelyn Holland-Wright, is the wise but sassy older sister Carolyn, who is smart enough to know that it will all pass and her little sister will survive and thrive. Her rendition of I’m A Cougar Hear Me Roar, rocks the house. Having seen Jacquelyn perform in the past I knew she would bring zest and sex appeal to the show, and she did. A former lead in Mamma Mia, and EFX previous to this she originated the role of Jocelyn in Soduko the Musical

Michelle Johnson is Sheila, Linda’s former college roommate. Her upbeat version of “Hair,” is comedic yet soulful and gives the song a whole new meaning. Michelle has performed on Broadway, national television, and much more. I saw her in a moving jazz performance last year, and there is no doubt as to why she is referred to as the “Las Vegas’ First Lady of Jazz.”

“Because this is a fairly new show, we were able to put a little more of ourselves into the creation of the characters than in some previous productions we have starred in.”  Robin Berry Vincent

Robin Berry Vincent as Courtney, is the sexy and high energy cousin who has been divorced multiple times. She is now experimenting with dating, her sex life and cosmetic surgery, and relishes living judgement free. Robin has wowed audiences before in Guys and Dolls, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and sultry live jazz performances.

Jeff Brooks, the one male in the show, plays various roles with hilarious results! Jeff, the only cast member not originally a local, recently moved to here from New York. “I got a phone call offering me the part and I was given two days notice to move to Las Vegas for this show. I had never even been here before. Living here since January, now I know there is a lot more to this town than just the strip!“Jeff’s talents were previously honed in productions such as Into The Woods, Chicago and Carousel.

Like many former and current productions successfully brought to Las Vegas, Divorce Party Las Vegas was trimmed down from its original length of just over two hours. The show now runs about 80 minutes and is packed with music, laughter, surprises, and multiple “OMG” moments.

Tim Bennett, Resident Director was previously the resident director in Las Vegas for the The Lion King, and other several other successful productions nationwide.

Michelle Johnson, Kelly Ward, Robin Berry Vincent, Jeff Brooks, Me, & Jacquelyn Holland-Wright, Ballys Windows Showroom
What makes Divorce Party Las Vegas such a welcome addition to the family of Las Vegas strip shows is not just the cast, music, and sexy sass, but that everyone leaves with something. Whether it be a few laughs at a situation in your own life that you couldn’t see the humor in before, or the thought of calling a friend who might need a divorce party of their own, it will make you smile (and maybe even hum a song parody on your way out!)....

Understudies...Zipporah Peddle and Steven Arlen

Creative....The best of the best....Mark Schwartz, Dr. Amy Botwinick, Jay Falzone, Victoria Lang, Jennifer Young, Tim Bennett, Kat Winston, Alec Bart, Roxanne Andrews, Jason Hamblen, Troy Heard, Bradly Vieth, Karen Gibson, and W. Michael Close

Press/Public Relations....Langdon Flynn Communications,

For tickets, link below...(Show is on every night at 8 pm but is dark on Fridays) Only on thru 6-19-14!

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