Saturday, March 22, 2014

Smart is Sexy...Free Online Classes

This is a blog article that I have received emails about asking for the information again. So, here it is for those who missed it the first time back in Jan. 2013. I can tell you quite a few friends have taken some of these online classes and have had positive experiences with them!

"The mind, once expanded to the dimension of larger ideas, 
never goes back to its original size." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

My friend Nicole Pano turned me on to these websites below that offer online courses sponsored by those well known schools most of us have heard of but many have not attended. Some of them are even Ivy League.

These sites offer online classes of which several are free, and others very inexpensive.

The best part is they are open to everyone, (unlike their brick and mortar counterparts).

Sites and links...  (This one is mostly Stanford, Caltech, Princeton & Duke) (Includes Harvard & Berkeley classes) (This site started by a Stanford professor)   (Carnegie Mellon University)

Just for fun here are a few more online educational websites.
(This one is more creative, some classes are not free but still very inexpensive)

SCORE Online Workshops (A great resource for entrepreneurs)

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