Monday, March 31, 2014

Checkin' out the Chippendales

I first saw the Chippendales perform several years ago when they gave tickets to my sister and me after we all worked together on a VH1 Divas Las Vegas special. I was happily surprised at the quality of their show! These guys are tanned, toned and talented.

So when I recently found out some girlfriends of mine were coming to Vegas I decided it was time to check out the Chippendales again since it had been so long. I also knew it would be the perfect way to show my friends a great night out!

For those who don't know, with the Chippendales there are no dollar bills thrust into the G-strings of these muscled men by overly excited and somewhat inebriated females. The Chippendales and their show in Las Vegas is an actual show, a Broadway style male revue with professional dancers, set to modern music such as rock, hip hop and techno. Although the guys occasionally dance in the audience (like a lot of shows), there is a no touching, no tipping policy.

Back to me and my friends. It was an hour and a half of music, dancing, zip off jeans, tear away tank tops, motorcycles, black light and fluorescent body paint... to name a few of the highlights!

Tanned, toned and talented....Chippendales perform in Las Vegas

Established in 1979, Chippendales was the first all male stripping troupe to make a business performing for mostly female audiences. The story of the early years of the Chippendales is racked with drama as co-owners fought over the entity and who should control it. However, the Chippendales brand has  come a long way, with none of the former owners involved for over a decade now. Today and for many years the Chippendales have produced and performed Broadway style shows worldwide. Officially, these men are seen by over two million people every year. They are exciting and entertaining, just like their adopted hometown of Las Vegas!

If you think the story of the Chippendales would make a good movie, you're right... "I Am Chippendales" is a big budget feature to be brought to the screen by writer and director Alan Ball (True Blood). This film is an adaptation of the book by Rodney Sheldon. Ben Stiller is rumored to take a lead role in the film as the choreographer Nicolas de Noia. This is a story about how the male dance club became one of the most famous adult entertainment shows in the world.  Sources: 3/31/14, Entertainment Weekly 3/31/14 and Deadline Hollywood 3/31/14 posts.

Chippendales hard at work onstage in Las Vegas

Chippendales was voted Best Male Strip Show for the third year in a row in Las Vegas Review Journal's Best of Las Vegas issue. 3/30/14

Pictured above after their 3/27/14 show: Bottom...Jonny Howes,  Jaymes Vaughan (singer), James Davis, Ryan Stuart, Top ..Sami Eskelin, Mikey Cross, Matt Marshall, Nathan Minor, John Rivera...(John Cook not pictured)....Also pictured, Lisa Cross and me (Anna Wendt)

Want to audition to be a Chippendale? According to their website you should be at least 5'10", be able to dance and learn choreography, rehearse for four hours a day, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, among other requirements.  For audition information email, or fill out the online application at, click on recruitment.

Want to see the show?

The Chippendales perform nightly at their special theater in the Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. There are also special appearances in certain cities as well as occasional touring productions.

Photos courtesy of Chippendales

Link to story on "I Am Chippendales"

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