Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Reach your New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2014! 

I think it's time for some of us, myself included, to stop making the same resolutions year after year and actually achieve some of them...

Here are my FIVE E-Z tips for crushing your resolutions in 2014!

  • First and foremost, only make three New Year's resolutions, MAX. One is best, two is good and three is really asking for a lot of change in one year. Let's face it, most of us want to but can't seem to change even one long standing habit and so it ends up on the list year after year.  So, one is enough if it's all you've got in you, two is inspired and three is really being ambitious!

  • If you make more than two resolutions make that third one easy! Make it so easy that you accomplish it fairly early on in the year and it fills you with confidence for the other two.

  • Tell a friend or family member your resolutions. Then have them tell you theirs. That way when you aren't doing very well on yours and they bring it up you will remind them of their similar failed attempts! Then you can both laugh at your lack of progress and recommit over coffee or a drink, (or a magic brownie, if you live in Colorado).

  • Don't try more than one resolution at the same time. You have ALL year to accomplish these resolutions right? So, start on the easiest one first then tackle the other one (or two). If you haven't started on that second one by spring, that's okay because you've still got NINE months! If human beings can be created in that amount of time you can certainly tackle and accomplish at least one resolution. (This is especially true if your resolution is to become a parent)!

  • Create a document out of your resolutions and make it your screen saver! How can you ignore your commitment to yourself when every time you log into your laptop it says..."Get in Shape!....Save More Money.....and Stop Twerking!"...(or whatever YOUR resolutions are).

Wishing all a Happy New Year 
where your dreams (and resolutions) come true!


Anna Wendt...Copyright 2014.

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