Friday, January 10, 2014

Catching up with Carrot Top

When you live in Las Vegas as I do there are performers you intend to see but for some reason take a long time to get around to it. One of these for me was Carrot Top.

A resident performer at The Luxor  Hotel & Casino for several years now, he has reached a milestone....30 years as a professional performer, so I thought it would be a good time to finally catch his act!

Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson is a Las Vegas headliner who is known as a great guy who is good to his fans, and one of a kind.....which means he fits in perfectly in a town full of one of a kinds!

Scott "Carrot Top"

Filing into his theater at The Luxor, I wondered if Carrot Top's show would be a little dated or contrived, because he has been doing it for so long....Ha, not even close! The guy keeps it fresh and up to the minute with a blend of  prop comedy, improv, rock and roll, and talk back that is as sharp and witty as it gets. It was great!

I believe there is more to him than meets the eye. His obvious love for heavy metal makes me wonder if he can sing? Also, I couldn't help but think Carrot Top would make a great Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. Although that is not something I expect he will ever do....but then again with him you never know!

Born in Rockledge, Florida he currently lives in Orlando and Las Vegas. His father was a NASA engineer, his mother a bank executive. His brother grew up to be an F16 Fighter pilot, but Scott's path was obviously different. Comparing his career to his brother's, some would say it takes as much courage to be an entertainer as it does to fly F16s!.....(no wait it was Kanye West who said that).

Scott's first stand up comedy routine was as a college freshman at Florida Atlantic University. He graduated with a degree in marketing before embarking on his comedic career. Like many comedians before him he started out performing at hotels, parties, comedy clubs, and even a turn on "Star Search." Since then he has and still performs all over the world, including well known TV, film and voice over roles (almost always playing himself), in addition to his long term residency at The Luxor Hotel & Casino.

He has said "My way of fitting in was telling jokes and making people laugh."

“Nobody can steal my act,” says Carrot Top (a.k.a. Scott Thompson). “I’ve challenged comics to write me a prop and they can’t. Comedians have done plays on words but writing a visual joke is something else. I’m happy not only that I have my own style but I’ve been an original from the very start.”  (Excerpt from

"The Topper"....Photo by ChristopherDeVargas

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