Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seasons Greetings from a feline hacker

My sister's cat hacked my blog.
He must really have something to say if he was willing to 
go to this trouble, so I am letting him post for today!

Stryder Lumpkins, St. Paul, MN
I must say there have been some strange goings on at my habitat.  The humans have been behaving unusually.  

They have brought a tree inside our home, however refusing to let us properly climb it.  They have attached a water bowl at the bottom, but will not allow us to drink from it.  

They have placed balls all over the tree but do not allow the new puppy, Blu to play with them.  A toy ball occupies a canine for at least 10 minutes. Now I can’t count, but judging by how many balls with which they have deluged the tree, it could buy us cats quite alot of time to get around and about without being pursued by our sister of canine persuasion.  Hmph…wasted opportunity, to say the least.

In addition, they have strewn many objects of varying shapes about the house.  It is evident to us that they are pet toys because they are covered in highly shreddable material, with a most grand feature of streamers trailing from them, which are ideal for pawing at.  However, they will not share them with us even though they do not play with them themselves!

They are walking around doing that weird “singing” thing that humans do far more frequently than normal, and they almost burned a fat red guy in the chimney!

Something is definitely off…  Oh no!  Here comes the puppy… I just know she wants to lick my head again… she is so very uncouth sometimes.  Oh never mind, she is instead licking her own head.  

Perhaps you can shed some light, help us pets out.  I regret to say that it took me 20 minutes to find my favorite plastic mouse yesterday, what with all their unusual objects strewn about!  I simply do not have that kind of time, it seriously cuts into my nap time.  Oh well, please forgive me but I am afraid I really must go now as my little sister Scarlet has just pounced upon my head, and I simply cannot resist a good feline chase!

With Fond Feline Wishes,

Stryder Lumpkins
(Co-written by Julie Lumpkins)

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