Sunday, September 1, 2013

What is your "type?"

What do people think of you when the first meet you, or even just see you. In other words, what first impression do you make?

Experts say it only takes 5 seconds for someone to form an impression of you and vice versa when first meeting. This is true in ones business and social life.

Today I am specifically talking about casting types though....If you want a role you have to audition first but before that you must be selected to audition! You won't even get in the casting room unless you fit the type the production is looking for in a particular part. The good news is that most actors fit many characters and roles within their type.

Image perspective was an exercise today in an acting workshop I participated in for the Nevada Conservatory. I did not know this was going to be the focus, so it was an interesting surprise.

There were about a dozen of us today and each of us had to be on camera for five minutes while the others filled out a 10 question form stating what our type is, according to their view. A dozen actors participated in this focus group.

We were each handed our assessments to read later in private and I am going to read mine from my fellow actors now. I have decided to share on my blog my first reaction of this information.

Some members of the SAG/AFTRA Conservatory & Barbara Grant, President SAG/AFTRA NV.

Good, bad, or indifferent, here it is....

The adjectives that best describe me upon first impression? Here are the top assessments of my type (from my tally of the 12 actors evaluating me on camera).

Honest, Optimistic, Happy, Intelligent, Helpful, Playful, Comedic, Dramatic

Pretty much everyone checked the box that said I can portray Rural or Urban characters.

My socio-economic class type appears to be mostly votes of Middle to Upper Class, with a few of working class and even one of Royalty...(thanks to whoever THAT was)!

The professions I am most likely to play according to this "jury of my peers" is:

News Anchor

I also got a vote or two for mechanic, civil servant, military, prostitute, and even mortician.

Now, this one should be interesting....What is my most perceived age range?

This came up anywhere from 28 to 45 but most votes were for me! Oh, and thanks to the guy who wrote wrote 25 to 35....hmmm...he must have been sitting in the back row. ;)

The last part of the exercise was to show our head shots to the group and get a verbal vote as to whether or not we actually look like our head shots. After all, it's a waste of everyone's time to show up looking a lot different than your photo you submitted for the part. I have to say in this group we all got an "A" in this last one.

This was a fun exercise and one I have done once before years ago, with almost the same results. Guess my type is pretty much my life long type!

An actor having his look "typed"
Since we were in a studio yesterday, (Dream Vision Studios, Las Vegas), a few of us decided to snap a few fun shots. I did not expect to be on camera today but sometimes you have to just go with the flow, perfectly coiffed or not......(in my case, NOT)!

Cindy Burgoyne, Anna Wendt

Special thanks to Kim Renee and Barbara Grant.
Kim Renee is a long time union member and the convention delegate for the NV Local. She has been the Stunt Performer's Representative since 1980, and the Young Performer's Committee Leader since 1985.  Barbara Grant is President of our NV Local, Chair of the Nevada Conservatory and a highly respected member of the NV Entertainment community. Also thank you to the volunteers of the Nevada Conservatory!

Nevada actors and performers, remember in our state you are welcome and encouraged to join and attend the annual series of workshops even if you are not yet union!....These events are a wealth of information and a really great time. Here's how to join....(The next workshop is Sept. 14.)

Nevada Conservatory Workshops website

Dream Vision Studios

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  1. Interesting. Would be a fun exercise if you mixed a non-actor or three into the group to see if their first impressions were on or not. I would suggest that non-actors might be less aware of the impression they make but that's silly... Right, Hamlet?