Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emmys Flashback!

With the Prime Time Emmy Awards airing their 65th annual awards show tonight, I checked out their Emmy app and found it lists all the awards winners going back 65 years. The first winner of this award was in 1949 with a show called "The Armchair Detective", 1949.....(isn't that pretty much when television was invented?)
Me and the golden girl behind me!
Trolling through this app was a trip down memory lane. Winners and nominees were shows such as Gunsmoke, Bewitched, Happy Days, Get Smart, Dynasty, Cagney & Lacey, Hill Street Blues, Fame, Cheers, L.A. Law, E.R., West Wing, Friends, Frasier, and Sex and the City. Some of these were before my time but live forever still in reruns.

Even now, with so many different kinds of media available everywhere, the television is still the most popular form of entertainment for many. For example, it's the friend in the middle of the night when you can't sleep. You can watch 6 episodes of Arrested Development on "On Demand" and feel better about your own life, or be transported to a different reality with something fantastical like "True Blood"....can't really do that as well on your laptop or tablet as you can on the big plasma screen.

Back to the Emmy Awards, although I am a member of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences I am not yet a voting member..(maybe by the time I am old enough for my AARP card I will be) takes a lot of television credits to get there.

I even had a chance to "win" an Emmy myself a couple of years ago.....for rehearsal is always the case with me! This was one of those most perfect work days, one of my best. Got to work with many of the talents in the business including Dick Clark, Marie Osmond, Chubby Checker, Susan Lucci, Celine Dion and Wayne Brady. It really ran the gamut. Our group of rehearsal actors even got a choreography bump for collaborating some dance moves for the "American Bandstand Tribute."

My sister Karen Wendt accepting an Emmy for Best Actress...for rehearsal only!

After the taping we headed over to a small pre-show cocktail party...honestly we are rarely invited to these as rehearsal actors, but once in awhile we are included. Then, as luck would have it when I went for a break to the ladies room Karen bumped into my favorite soap actor Joshua Morrow. He was posing for a pic with her and another lady when a too tipsy guest literally fell onto them and spilled his drink all over Karen. A great guy by the name of Todd intervened. He felt bad about this incident and he invited us to the official Emmy after party in Elvis' 10,000 square foot former suite which was upstairs at what used to be called the Las Vegas Hilton, (now the Las Vegas Hotel)...where the awards were being held. For us, it was like Cinderella at the ball. 
Here is a link to the list of all of tonight's nominees!

65th Annual Emmy Awards Nominees

Karen Wendt, Joshua Morrow and unidentified party girl
AW having dinner with Chubby Checker

Here is a link to the list of all of tonight's nominees!

65th Annual Emmy Awards Nominees 

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