Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bringing my "A Game"

We all know it's best to bring our "A Game" to any situation, whether it be personal or professional.

Our "A Game" of course means bringing the best of what we've got....attitude, energy, knowledge, appearance, and anything extra!

What I was reminded of today is that as much as bringing our "A Game" helps each of us individually,  it also helps those around us quite a lot.

I had an audition today and I brought my "A Game" as I was reading for one of the leads in an independent film (The Track), and my character is a mother who lost her teenage daughter. Every audition requires preparation, but this is especially not the kind of part to audition for unprepared.

What pleasantly surprised me is the other actress in the scene with me, Ashley, also brought her "A Game." I had never met her, never even rehearsed with her once, but because she was totally prepared we did our audition scene together seamlessly. The director, (Brett Levner) had no corrections. (This can mean one of two things, either she really liked our audition, or we were so hopelessly bad or wrong for the part that it wasn't even worth trying.) Fortunately, I know it was the former because she told us so.

I appreciated the way this audition was set up where actors were able to read with each other and audition together. Many times it is just you with a "reader", someone who is not even necessarily an actor and who doesn't give you much to work with.

So, with the casting team, director, and the actors all bringing their "A Game," it resulted in the best possible outcome for all.  Wish this kind of situation were more common....If something is worth doing isn't it worth bringing your "A Game"?

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