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The Many Capes of D'Manti

The first time I ever met D'Manti was at The Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd. She had just moved to L.A. from Hawaii and my friend Nicole and I were there to meet her.

When she arrived and walked towards us, we looked at her, and then at each other....both thinking the same thing...."she is one of the most beautiful people we have ever seen!" It was as if she was followed around by some kind of personal spotlight. Turns out she was also smart, ambitious and warm.  She is responsible for introducing me to the best margaritas in L.A. (Spanish Kitchen), and for convincing me to buy the most perfect black leather pants that I wore for several years until they just recently finally fell apart (at the 2013 Billboard Awards).

We only kept in casual touch until the fall of 2011 when I ran into her at a party for the Latin Grammys, which are held in Las Vegas. She was here to celebrate because her song Tonight had hit the Billboard Dance Charts. Turns out since I'd last seen her she had released a few international singles such as...Candela, Shake, and Step Through the Door.

Now her song Let's Just Dance has risen up the Billboard Club Play charts to number five just behind Inaya Day and Robin Thicke. Her last release Tonight made it all the way to #15 on the charts!

Who is this fiery talent D'Manti?

D'Manti talks to Hollywood Underdog...

What's new with you D'Manti?
I have a new single out called "Let's Just Dance" that is currently #5 on the Billboard Charts. Really exciting!

What inspired you to make music?
I have wanted to make music since I can remember.  When I was a child I was placed in an elementary school for musically gifted children and that's where it all began. One of my first memories was seeing Madonna perform and saying, "That's what I want to do when I grow up." I am inspired to make music by my different experiences in life. I am always creating. Music and songwriting have always come to me naturally.

D'Manti stands for something, what is it?
D'Manti means "many capes" in Italian. I feel that as an artist we should be always showing the different aspects of ourselves, regenerating and shedding our capes, so to speak.

Please tell me about your writing...
Yes, I co-write songs all the time. I love to co-write because when you have a good synergy with the other writer(s) it is amazing the beautiful music that can be created. "Let's Just Dance" was written by myself, Ameerah Roelants, and Priya J. Geddis. This song was our interpretation of falling in love and then just letting go and letting yourself live in the moment. "Baby, it don't matter Let's Just Dance!"

You perform in English and Spanish?
Yes and Si!

What are a couple of your most rewarding or exciting performances?
All of my performances are rewarding. The most exciting was when I performed at San Francisco Gay Pride. I was supporting something important, equality,  and it was the first time that I had performed in front of such a large crowd. It felt like there were a million people in front of me giving me all of their energy. It was a powerful and exciting moment. It felt like when I was singing that my feet were not touching the ground!

Former U.S. Marine D'Manti asks..."Did you get your fitness on today?"

D'Manti, who inspires you musically?...
Tina Turner..."She rocks! Her performances are out of this world and she is an inspiration in many ways as a performer and as a resilient strong woman."

What actress' style do you admire?......Sofia Vergara- sexy but classy

If your friends were asked to describe you as an animal what animal would they choose?...A Peacock!

What is it you most love about living some of the time in Hawaii?...
I love Hawaii. I consider Hawaii my second home. I am so fortunate and lucky to be chosen as the spokesperson for "Discover Hawaii Tours". "Discover Hawaii Tours" is the premier Hawaiian Islands tour company. They offer unique experiences with quality, professional Hawaiian sightseeing tours. Their mission is to share the Aloha spirit and give you the most memorable vacation of your life.

What's next for you?
I am working on releasing my next single "Beautiful Life." It is an upbeat, positive, and super fun song that will be released in English and Spanish. 

Did you know?...

D’Manti has always known her passion and destiny to be a performer.  At 7 years old, her teachers discovered that she was musically gifted and sent her to Black Stock Elementary, a school for gifted children. That is when she began her dedicated study of dance, music, acting, and singing.

At the age of 17 she was accepted into the acting conservatory Circle In The Square, just then her life took an unexpected turn and she enlist in the United States Marine Corps. Working in the intelligence field, D’Manti was stationed in Hawaii.  After serving her country, D’Manti took up residence in Hawaii to build a successful business in the travel industry.  In 2008 she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream as a performer.

D’Manti enlisted the genius of world-renowned choreographer and director Doriana Sanchez (Shakira, Cher, Jane’s Addiction, Grammy Awards, So You Think You Can Dance) to produce a spectacular live show that showcases her artistry, musicality, and the glamour of Las Vegas with a Latin flair.  D’Manti has worked with mega-producer Luny Tunes, Grammy Award winning Marlow Rosado, and has just finished two singles with Orange Factory Music.  Her new single “Let’s Just Dance” is rapidly climbing the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart. (This Bio is an excerpt from Kenut Entertainment).

  New Music Video.."Let's Just Dance" Available on iTunes...


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D'Manti in the news... 

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New American talent; singer and songwriter D'MANTI hits Top 5 on this week's Billboard Club Play chart with her latest single "Let's Just Dance."  D'Manti has also released her new music video.

"I'm excited to know that many people are enjoying this song. When we wrote it, I knew this song would be very special and I'm so grateful that so many people are feeling it," comments D'Manti.

The "Let's Just Dance" remix package offers remixes from top US talents, DJ Lynnwood Banger, Razor and Guido, Casey Alva and Klubjumpers who showcase a variety of styles, creating ease of programming for club jocks and radio DJ's alike.
"Let's Just Dance" was produced by the very talented J. Remy Orange from Factory Music Studios and co-written by Ameerah A. Roelants, Prita Jayaram Geddis and D'MANTI.
"Let's Just Dance" is available on iTunes.

More music video links...these can also be instantly accessed on D'

Tonight....D'Manti....ft Mr. Phillips (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix)

Step Through the Door

Does D'Manti also act? You bet!...check out her some of her work..... D'Manti Acting Montage.... 


Some of the above is an excerpt from KENUT ENTERTAINMENT