Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Once Upon A Playwright...

In talking with my friend, playwright and actress Rachel Lepore, I am reminded of how important it is to encourage young writers. They have a perspective, poignancy and sense of humor that provides a unique look at the world.

Rachel Lepore

Rachel's first play Circuits was recently published, and is a long form one act play that was a winner in the Dramatics Playwrights Magazine competition last year.

Now a student at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Playwrights Horizons program, her goal is to be a well rounded theatre artist.

The first time I saw Rachel perform was at the Las Vegas Academy's Lowden Theatre for the Performing Arts, in a production of "The Spitfire Grill."  As Effy Crayneck, the nosy, middle aged town postmistress, I was impressed by how she embodied this character through her funny but empathetic portrayal.

In her play Circuits, smart and serious Emily Danvers has all the usual sixteen-year-old stresses: a project due for physics class, a boy from the robotics club who might be a love interest, and a dead older brother who’s spying on her study dates from the bedroom closet! (Excerpt from Samuel French).

Brian Sanchez, Dominuqe Thorne, Jose Useche, Cast of Circuits
Rehearsal Property of  National Theatre for Student Artists

"The message of Circuits is that just because someone dies 
you do not have to fully lose them."
-Rachel Lepore

Circuits is being performed by the National Theatre for Student Artists at the Atlantic Theatre in Manhattan on August 9 & 10. Rachel thoroughly enjoyed the staged reading in Las Vegas earlier this year with actors from her alma mater, Las Vegas Academy. The New York performance is the first time she will see her story brought to life in a fully staged production. Lio Sigerson is directing.

Her current project which is yet untitled but may become her first full length play, is a mix of fantasy and reality which features a Princess....with insomnia. Princess Lydia is "wicked smart" and has spent countless hours awake at night learning and being super productive. She has written a symphony, traveled through time, and more....of course there is a handsome prince or two. However this fairy tale is is not the cookie cutter version.

I am curious and excited to see the finished piece....and all Rachel Lepore has in store in her future as a performer, writer, and well rounded theatre artist. After all, writers bring to the table with words, meals upon which all minds can be nourished....

Rachel Lepore is an actress and playwright from Las Vegas, NV. She attended the Las Vegas Academy for theatre, and is now continuing her studies at New York University's Playwrights Horizons Studio within the Tisch program. Circuits is her first play to date, and was one of the four winners of the Dramatics Thespian Playworks competition.

The above is an excerpt from SamuelFrench.com

Circuits was first published in Thespian Playworks 2012.

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Cast rehearsal photo property of National Theatre for Student Artists

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