Friday, June 28, 2013

Beauty Heather Marianna

"With ‘Beauty Kitchen,’ I love it so much, 
I could work on it 24 hours a day.” - Heather Marianna

Heather demonstrating Beauty Kitchen on "The Morning Blend"

I met Heather on the set of The Academy of Country Music Awards. We were standing in for the various country singers performing that weekend.

She told me about her "spa from your kitchen" recipes and I thought it all sounded pretty creative! I also respected the fact that she put it all together and has been running her Beauty Kitchen business for over a year now.  Heather's success did not come without some obstacles. An awareness that a long held shopping habit was actually an addiction, she replaced it with something healthy....her passion for home made beauty treatments.  "I don't let anything or anyone get me down," she told me. Heather seems like the kind of person who when she does something goes "all in"...and with the success of Beauty Kitchen, it shows! 

"I don't let anyone or anything get me down. I am most influenced by my Mother, 
who still works hard today,  and my Grandmother, 
who always made me feel like a million bucks."  Heather Marianna

Anything you need to know about making spa products from ingredients in your kitchen you can probably find on any of her several DIY videos which can also be found on YouTube. She just reached over 2 million views, so her recipes must work!  Heather is also passionate about working in entertainment and has been featured in various films in addition to hosting Beauty Kitchen segments for shows such as The Morning Blend and The Insider.

Heather is a volunteer for the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. She recently held a BBQ to coincide with a life skills class where she taught practical tips such as how to make your own 

When I asked her what are a few things she'd like to do she said, "Skydive, learn to swim, and all of things I am afraid of."....Any lifeguards or skydiving instructors out there??

Due to its popularity, Beauty Kitchen is now a product line. You can check out her tips and tricks, and get the goods at  Try one of her new sampler tubes....Beauty Kitchen Sampler Tube  


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Heather Marianna YouTube

"Get rid of Puffy Eyes" ...Get rid of Puffy Eyes...At home easy fix treatment by Heather Marianna

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