Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How many of "you" are out there??

Have you ever looked your name up on Bingimages.com? If you haven't I suggest you try it sometime.

There are usually about 10 or more photos of other people with your same name!

I find myself looking at these a few times a year just to see who else named Anna Wendt is pictured on the site. I tried it again today and below is a random sampling of the other Annas.

I think this is my favorite other Anna Wendt. Doesn't she look friendly?

This Anna Wendt looks very serious...she must be talking about something extremely important...(or maybe just nervous about singing karaoke).

Then there's the Anna Wendt who received a credit before me on Internet Movie Database and is the reason I am listed as Anna Wendt II. That's okay, she is a successful German film producer. I did have to let IMDB know that they accidentally gave some of my credits to her, but they quickly fixed it. (Sorry Anna, this Anna needs all my credits.)

This Anna Wendt looks like she spends time backpacking in Europe, and I notice looks great with hardly any make up on.

I wouldn't try to get anything past this Anna Wendt....looks like she's on to you!


A lovely beauty queen Anna Wendt. Don't know her title but she looks "regal".

And lastly, an Anna Wendt that reminds of myself in my 20's...except she looks more relaxed than I was. She must know what I have since learned...nothing is THAT serious. Hope she's having fun!

All above commentary is purely speculation. I know nothing about these ladies except for their name!




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