Monday, February 4, 2013

Remember SCTV?

Ah yes the golden years...1976 to 1984.  

The comedy powerhouse, Second City, that churned out Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, John Candy, Steve Carell, Gilda still going strong after 52 years. But many of us remember the SCTV years the most.....
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Television shows could get away with a lot more back then as far as taking chances with a skit or an improv. That's because they were run more by creatives and less by corporations. Some skits were brilliant, others crashed and burned, but it was not knowing what you'd get that made it the most fun to watch. I always respected the actors for being willing to "tank" on TV......many of them from the original SCTV have been quoted as saying it was the best time they ever had in the business, there were no expectations and nothing to lose.
For your viewing pleasure a Second City sampler....

Battle of the PBS Stars....Classic SCTV!

Leave it to Beaver 25th Anniversary....Classic SCTV!

Did you know??

Second City Improv lives on through theaters, touring troupes and training centers, featuring but not limited to, Adult improv camp, Kids improv classes, Weekend Intensives - from beginners to advanced, Comedy writing and much more......Chicago, Hollywood and Toronto. 

Several years ago there was also a Second City Improv in Las Vegas. They did a regular show at the Flamingo Hilton and had a local school where I took two levels of ensemble improv. Had a great time, learned a lot, stretched my comfort zone and I have since planned to sign up for one of their weekend intensives in Hollywood....just for a hilarious refresher. 

For vintage SCTV fans:

Second_City_Television -

Second City, a temple of satire......TIME Magazine

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