Monday, November 19, 2012

Putting the Metal to the Kettle!

It's that time of year again.....we all walk by those cheerful Salvation Army red kettle bell ringers when out shopping or running errands.  

Sometimes we drop in a buck or two or some coins. When we can't we might feel a little guilty, even sheepishly avoid that entrance....but we don't have to do that. The bell ringers know we can't all donate to every kettle we see. Remember though that with 311 million of us in this country, no donation is too small. Every coin really does add up!

My first experience with The Salvation Army was with their thrift stores. At age 18 I'd moved away from my parent's house and small town to a suburb, with a job, an apartment with my sisters, and a few personal items in which to start my adult life. When I started working in downtown Minneapolis, I quickly realized that a high school wardrobe and $6 per hour didn't go nearly as far as I'd imagined!

So, thank you to all those ladies back then who donated their gently worn upscale clothes to The Salvation Army thrift stores, so that I could afford to look respectable those first few years in the "real" world. Ever since then I have made sure to donate nice clothes and household items regularly to The Salvation Army to pay it back.

Back to the red kettles. Many wonder, where do the kettle donations actually go? Also, what does The Salvation Army actually do?

The Salvation Army can be described in two categories, your local Salvation Army, and The Salvation Army International.

Photo Courtesy of The Salvation Army International

Into the world of the hurting, broken, lonely, dispossessed and lost, reaching them in love by all means

....The Salvation Army International

Before I proceed, here is a quick fact for those who don't know. The Salvation Army is categorically a Christian organization. However, services are certainly not limited to members of this faith.

Starting with your local Salvation Army, below are the most common services being provided to people in need:

The Salvation Army local organizations

Thrift Stores

Adult Day Care

Adult Rehabilitation

After School SAY Club  

Family Services

Homeless Services

Emergency Disaster Services

The "Lied" Vocational Training Program
S.E.E.D.S of Hope Program 

The Salvation Army International

Health Services

Community Development

Dependence/Addiction counseling

Emergency Response

Social Work

Family Tracing

Sports Ministry

For information on your local Salvation Army, available resources, employment opportunities or how to volunteer, just google "The Salvation Army" and your city or state.

Just click on the link below or to the icon on the right side of my blog page to donate to my Salvation Army online red kettle. For online donations they require a $5.00 minimum.

The Salvation Army International Website

For my fellow Nevadans:

The Salvation Army Southern Nevada Website 

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