Monday, October 29, 2012

Why you should call your mother

Sunday morning I woke up for the very first time without a mother.

Those who've been through this know the indescribable emptiness that consumed me as this reality sunk in.

After all, hers was the first face I saw when I saw anything. She taught me kindness and empathy.

She was not just my mother but a woman with her own journey and struggles along the way.

I have her hands, her eyes, her curious mind.

Her heart was as fragile as a Faberge' egg and eventually so was her body.  Underneath it all though, her life force was strong.

49 years of marriage, five children, three grandchildren......she certainly left her mark.

But now she is gone.

I will never ever hear her voice again. For some reason this bothers me the most.  She will never leave my heart.

Dedicated to my late mother Mary Elizabeth, who always knew she was loved. 

Mary Elizabeth Age 5

The above photo is the age my mother was the first time my father ever saw her, behind a candy counter at a local theater.

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  1. Your mother was a beautiful child just like you Anna. I am so sorry for your loss but one day I believe you will hear her voice again on the other side in heaven. Maybe she will be the one to meet you at the gates..I pray for peace and comfort. You were lucky to have more time with your mother and she was lucky to have more time with you.