Monday, October 15, 2012

Rediscover a "downtown"

What is it about a "downtown?" They seem to have the best live music, vintage shops, ethnic restaurants, people watching, and overall vibe.

If you want to show someone where many different types of people live, just take them downtown. Are you a little unique, maybe don't fit in everywhere? Just head for the nearest downtown and trust me you will find your "peeps", whoever they are. Whether it be musicians, artists, actors, dancers, even finance types, lawyers, and teachers, downtown attracts an eclectic crowd. 

Whenever I am downtown in any city I just feel "artsy." Makes me want to buy retro clothes and vintage albums and listen to an acoustic guitarist in a coffee house or drink white wine at a jazz club.

Grand Central Station Market

I have been fortunate to live in a downtown twice. We had just gotten married and my husband asked if I wanted to live in Long Beach, New York, or New York City. Without a moment of hesitation I chose the city, even though it meant living in a much smaller space. Who could resist being surrounded daily by such art and culture, ambition and energy?!

Those three years in Manhattan I walked everywhere and experienced life at eye level rather than through a car window. It made me a better actress and writer to have had that experience. One of my favorite things to do was to walk to Grand Central Station's market and buy fresh flowers and something from the butcher to make for dinner. 

Minneapolis courtesy of and

Years before Manhattan back in my home state of Minnesota was downtown Minneapolis and the "Warehouse District," where former warehouses along the river were converted into unique apartments. My sister and I lived in a 100 year old renovated railroad station apartment. It was right next to the former Creamette noodle factory that had been transformed into a restaurant and comedy club.  We were both broke the whole time but managed to find a lot to do.  

Now, living in Las Vegas, I am intrigued by our  "Rediscover Downtown" theme. With The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, new restaurants, businesses like Zappos, the renovation of the Plaza Hotel and the opening of the new "D" Hotel, there is revitalization and, of course, in true Vegas style, ADVENTURE!

Fremont Street and the renovated Plaza Hotel downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas' newest addition, The Smith Center,

I always bring out of town guests downtown for a night because it has a personality totally different from the Las Vegas strip. Fremont Street is always a kick to newcomers and the free nightly shows are better than they expect.

On Saturday I ran the Heart Run 5K through downtown Las Vegas which inspired me to write this story.  Next time you come to Las Vegas be sure to check out our fabulous downtown.

 Rediscover Downtown Las Vegas! A video

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Fremont Street Experience

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