Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes I miss vinyl

Maybe it's just nostalgia for my teen years....or the whole sensory experience of buying an album that I miss. The tearing off of the plastic.  Sliding out the record....breathing in that new record smell....loved it when they put the lyrics on the insert. Remember that?

Dropping the shiny disc "just right" onto the center pin. Placing the needle down....a second of anticipation.....then sound would fill the room like an audio friend.

Often times I knew only one of the songs, (whatever single had been on the radio) but bought the album for the artist. I'd listen to my favorite song a few times then start the album at the beginning because it was time to "get to know it".  

Some of the tracks took awhile to grow on me, but then they would, even more so than the hit single, the reason the album was purchased in the first place. Other songs never "took" but I would sit through them because that's just what you did.

Remember the physical presence of music in your home? I know we all love our iPods, but you know you can't sit back with your arms wrapped around it and just "daydream".

Even though I don't remember the first album I ever bought, I do remember the last one...

Boston...."Third Stage"

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