Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Before they were famous they were Hollywood underdogs

Many times when a viewer of a TV show or film sees an actor for the very first time they assume it's that actor's first role in a big production. Most of the time that's not the case. It's just the first time they noticed that actor.

For example, when Scarlett Johanssen starred in "Lost In Translation", many people thought that was her first big film. It was actually her 14th! Before that was "If Lucy Fell", "Home Alone 3", and "The Horse Whisperer", to name a few.

Scarlett Johanssen, "Home Alone 3", Bingimages.com

Also, with Elizabeth Moss of "Mad Men" fame, many thought her role as the secretary turned female copy writer, Peggy Olson, was her first role. Not even close. She had been acting in well known television shows and movies since 1990! 

Elizabeth Moss, "Picket Fences", Bingimages.com

Most of us remember George Clooney as a pediatrician on "ER" before his movie fame.  Before that he was a series regular on "Sisters". Previous to that on "Roseanne", and yes, even before that he was a regular on "Facts of Life". Ever hear of "Return to Horror High"? Probably not. Most of us have heard of "Out of Sight" though. We consider that George Clooney's first big movie role....(hmmm he probably does too)!

George Clooney, "Facts of Life" Bingimages.com

For each of the above, each rung on the ladder of success was probably exciting and valuable in its own way. Just like any career.

Even though Clooney had family connections with his Aunt Rosemary and his father Nick Clooney, (like many famous actors do), he still had to work his way up. He may have started a few rungs higher up the ladder than myself and my fellow actors, but as we do, he still had his climb.

Thanks "Pleated Jeans Productions", for sharing the above video!


  1. Oh and yes, we mustn't forget, George Clooney also Guest Starred on 1 Episode of the Golden Girls (as a Detective, if I correctly recall) and I do believe, I correctly recall ;-)

  2. I very much enjoy spotting Actors in their youth many people miss, or do not realize whom it is they are looking at. It is fun to see the look of discovery on their faces when I enlighten them.