Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creating an App.....

Necessity.....the mother of invention.   - Plato

"One day on the set, after everyone had been asking me how much we had made that day, the idea of the CalculActor was born. I tried to create something that is helpful, fast, and accurate for actors, performers and models that takes out the guess work. I hope this is useful and practical to my fellow actors."

- Kathrin Rein


I met Kathrin eight years ago in L.A., through another friend and actress, Adrienne McQueen. Kathrin is a self made success who works hard, and with passion!

With the CalculActor she saw a need and took the time to conceptualize something to fill it. I told her a lot of people would probably like to know how much it costs to create an app. She said it cost her about $5,000, which is generally the minimum investment.

If you're an actor or model, this $2.99 app is a no brainer. If not, take a look anyway.  It may stimulate something in your imagination to inspire an app in your area of expertise!

CalculActor - The best Rate Calculator for Actors starring as a principal or Extra in TV, Movies or Commercials, Union or Non Union. Take advantage of this app created by an Actor for Actors!

You'll know in an instant how much you made "on the job', and be able to save your jobs for future reference.
You can download the app from or iTunes App Store

The CalculActor will:

Manage your jobs - Edit and save all of your jobs.
Calculate your rate - Just add start and end time, meal breaks and allowances.
SAG Rates/Non Union Rates - CalculActor let's you pick SAG or NonUnion Rates.
Custom rates - You can set your own rates if you are working, for example, on a low budget production.
Meal breaks - CalculActor is the best app for calculating actor's rates, and will automatically add meal penalties to your rate if applicable.
Overtime - The app will detect overtime and add it to your rate.

CalculActor Requirements
iPhone 3G or better, iOS 3.1 or newer     
Kathrin's is truly a "model" family. Yes, this is her REAL family....fiance' Hugh Feist, and son Leonardo. They are successful actors and models based out of Miami.

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