Monday, September 17, 2012

Networking.....the Quiz

Many people think networking is just a group of people at an event hoping to "score" a new client or contact. This is not real networking. Real networking when done correctly, is mutually beneficial to everyone, and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Networking is defined as– “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of mutually productive relationships for employment or business”.

How are your Networking skills?.....Take the QUIZ

Give yourself one for each yes answer and zero for each no.

  • I always dress appropriately for my profession.
  • When I meet someone I let them talk first before talking about myself and my business or profession.
  • I smile, use a firm handshake, and look the person in the eyes when introducing myself.
  • When I am talking with someone I am present in the conversation and not looking around for someone better to talk to.
  • I tell the truth when asked about my experience, skills and expertise.
  • After I have met someone who can be a potential business contact I always follow up with an email and then a phone call to let them know I enjoyed meeting them and would like to keep in touch. 
  •  I offer referrals of sources and give advice that can be of help to people I meet even if it's not directly beneficial to me at the time.
  •  I don't complain about my life, my profession, or others when meeting a new contact.
  • I consider social media a form of networking and behave online accordingly.

8-9 Points - You are great at networking and regarded as someone with good advice and helpful connections. 

5-7 points - You are somewhat successful at networking but sometimes wonder if you could do better.

3-4 points - Once in awhile you get lucky and make a good connection that leads to some business.

1-2 points - Don't even bother to attempt networking again until you've read the rules above!

Clair Zeto, Owner since 1997 of
The Social Register Las Vegas
The above is advice from Clair Zeto, owner of the Social Register Las Vegas. The Social Register provides focused networking at a high level. I had the pleasure of interviewing Clair for some tips on networking in the new economy. She said that the same rules still apply, but some, even more so. For example, now more than ever it's important to find ways to support one another professionally in as many ways as possible.

"Networking serves everyone best when it is about helping others as well as yourself.  By doing so, you will quickly gain a reputation as somebody worth talking to and keeping in contact with. The person you assist with a little information, referral, or even bringing business to their establishment will likely remember you and return the favor when they can."    Clair Zeto

There are groups available to businesses of all kinds for efficient networking. Focused, high level groups like the Social Register of Las Vegas, general business organizations like the various Chambers of Commerce, and even industry specific groups that serve a particular niche, are all of value.

Now is the time to get out there and meet people, share information and show your community and industry that you are a relevant member. Offer what knowledge and advice you have and ask others for the same. You never know when a synergistic business connection will occur!
The Social Register of Las Vegas is a networking organization and not affiliated with The Social Register, the directory of the same name. 

Copyright 2012  Anna Wendt

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