Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just add "entourage"....

Brett Cohen set out to answer the question, if you present yourself as a celebrity, will the masses fall for it?

See his YouTube video at the bottom of this post to see that it worked! Clever guy. I always thought this would be the case. It's only half embarrassing to those who fell for it though because there are so many "so called" celebrities these days most people don't expect to know who they all are.

One important factor that Brett Cohen knows is that celebrities are usually surrounded by at least a few people, some who work for them or are provided for them, commonly referred to as "handlers". Stars are also often hounded by cameras when in public.  We have become conditioned in our society to take in a scene like this and come up with "it must be somebody famous".   Also, the location, NYC, L.A. Vegas, for example are places one would expect to see more famous people.

What I don't understand is why so many people wanted to have their picture taken with a celebrity they don't even recognize?....(Maybe they think someone back home will.)

The only really disturbing thing for me to see so much of in this video was that so many of the women when meeting this "celebrity" (that we all know none of them recognized), acted so "fan" like. The guy could have just gotten out of prison for all they knew. But because of the cameras and entourage, they just assumed him "crush worthy". Looks like fame, even the made up kind, is an aphrodisiac. So listen guys, just hire a bodyguard and an assistant to travel with you and you're good to go??!

Excerpt from BuzzFeed 08-23-12

Regular person Brett Cohen wondered what would happen if he hired bodyguards, paparazzi, assistants and a publicist and walked around NYC pretending to be someone famous. (His experiment worked.)

The "famous" Brett Cohen

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