Friday, August 3, 2012

Do Tell...

Last night I went to an event where people do nothing but stand up and tell a story. It's called, "The Tell".

I checked it out because it seems like a simple yet refreshing idea for a show. Storytelling. Several different people from all walks of life, get up on stage and tell a story, has to be true, ten minutes or less. 

"The Tell" is not overly produced or embellished. I like this. Sometimes this format can result in true entertainment "magic". Also, admission is only $5. Can't even see a movie for that.

As I was watching and listening to people share their personal tales, accounts, adventures, etc., I realized one reason it was so enjoyable. This form of communication, someone just telling a story, is less prevalent today with "multimedia" coming at us from every angle. It was also nice that nobody interrupted the storyteller, as so commonly happens in a group. Someone will be telling a story and just when it gets to the good part, somebody pipes in with their own similar tale or anecdote, or a cell phone goes off. That didn't happen last night. Well, someones cell phone did go off, but we had him arrested......

Dayvid Figgler, Producer and Host of "The Tell" is a performer, author and trial lawyer in Nevada. Interesting he has some good stories to tell....

Dayvid's Wiki Page

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