Friday, July 13, 2012

My Dad, the Rock Star....

My appreciation and knowledge of music and lyrics I owe to my father.

Gordy Wendt 1962

By sharing your talents and interests with children, you never know what you are nurturing in their hearts......
He wore a leather jacket, drove a motorcycle and played guitar......all while providing for a family of seven.  Dad was, and still is, my family's version of "Elvis" and "The Fonz"...

Many nights after a full day at work, (as a welder), he'd plug in his Gibson Electric, sit on the bed in his room and play and sing.  Sometimes one or some of us would join him, cross legged on the floor, ears next to the speaker. Other times we'd just listen.  The only rule was never to interrupt a song.

Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Jon Fogerty......I learned about all of them through my father's musical interpretations. Little did he know someday I'd actually get to work with these same people, and because of him feel like I already knew them.

Due to a bad motorcycle accident he had to stop playing guitar.....but he still sings with a voice as smooth as butter!


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