Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy for happy hour!

I have discovered that a dose of Happy Hour can be as good as therapy.

Being with friends just to share a few laughs, some food, maybe a drink, or not. It doesn't have be in a restaurant or even after work to be a happy hour....

Some great times I've had with my favorite people have been spontaneous happy hours. Like having friends stop by, blending up some margaritas or if it's early in the day, omelettes and great conversation.

I've even had a phone chat with a friend turn into a happy hour. Some laughs, shared insights, and I hang up feeling good.

Recently after working the Billboard Awards some of my fellow actors and I dropped into a Mexican restaurant. This turned into a lunchtime happy hour! What spontaneous fun....I got to know great people much better in those two hours than I had in a couple of years of working with them. Why have we never done that before?

Watching "30 Rock", my husband and I laugh so much it's a "TV happy hour".

When I've had a bad day or week (or year), sometimes a happy hour feels like the last thing I want or can do, but it's usually just what I need.


Happy Hour photobomb
The Wendt Sisters

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