Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheerleader for L I F E !

I belong to a secret society that few know about...I am going to put it all out in the open now!

I am a "Cheerleader for Life".....!

There are many of us out there....you know the type. We are the ones who are always bubbly, positive, friendly and supportive....ad nauseum.

Whenever I meet a new friend and she says...."I was a cheerleader", I always say, "So was I"! And we excitedly compare what sport, for how long, our uniforms. We're instantly friends.
However, when someone says "You were a cheerleader"? in that certain way and rolls their eyes I know I'm going to have to work harder to overcome that stereotype. Probably some bad apple cheerleader picked on them in high school and ruined the rep for the rest of us. (Once in awhile one sneaks in.)

I know many people think cheerleaders are self absorbed, divas, or "airheads" but I can tell you it's mostly not true! First, you have to be part of a squad, a team player. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn the cheers and dances, and in my case at my school you could not "party" or you were suspended. We also had to take a test on the sports we wanted to cheer for. I learned a lot about basketball, football, hockey, wrestling and volleyball that I carried with me. This helped me enjoy sports (and impress boyfriends), later on in life! (Thanks Mrs. Larson I appreciate that now.)

Of course acting modeling, singing, dancing and public speaking are in many ways just a form of cheer leading. Those of us "cheerleaders for life" know this and we smile through it because we, somehow, found a way to keep this gig going!

Wish I still had my uniform. Would be fun to wear it some days while at the gym, cheering people on the treadmill, at the mall, "You look great in that, buy it!".....on the beach, at the library or DMV....
Couldn't wait to get to 6th grade to be a cheerleader.
Too bad my mom was "so mean" she wouldn't let me wear make up until 7th grade...

Kelly, Anna, Sue, Tami, Taina

Looked like my parents ran a cheer leading farm....

Anna Wendt, Karen Wendt, PGA Tour Brand Ambassadors
i.e. PGA "cheerleaders" 1996
Nicole Pano and Anna Wendt
XM Satellite Radio "cheerleaders" 2007

Karen Wendt and Anna Wendt
Rehearsal Actors/Stand ins for Miss America Pageant
i.e. "cheerleaders" 2012

And on it goes..........:)

I have so much to say about cheer leading that it's a three part story. Next, look for
Cheer leading Through Time and Hollywood's Famous Former Cheerleaders.....

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