Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wow...IMDb works fast!

Just a few days after I am finally up on IMDB I get an email from a director I worked with on one of the very first movies I ever did..(Deathumentary). He wants to see some demo reel for a film he is researching. Works for me!

His last film is called "Assasins Code" and starred that cute blonde from that movie with Brooke Shields...oh, yes, Christopher Atkins? He still looks really good...must work out.
The directors name is Larry Riggins...(you can look him up on IMDB..lol). He is researching a film on the O.J. Simpson story and he saw I had played Nicole Brown Simpson in a re-enactment show back in 2004. So, we'll seeee....about 1 of every 10 projects like this work out in this business so I just go with the flow. Every actor has many parts that are cast but never filmed, filmed but edited out, filmed but never released....that's the biz.

It's strange though. So long ago when I was still back in Minnesota and I heard about this crime I thought I should play her...we really look alike. But then I thought, "how could that be possible"...it was such a long shot. It was odd that several months later during a sporting goods show I met Marcus Allen and he just stood there shaking his head at me...then he said..."wow"...quietly and walked away...I think I shook him up.

Unsolved History, "The Case of O.J. Simpson".....

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