Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When I come home shaking...

I know I worked A LOT of hours when I come home shaking! Usually it's from a 12 hr night shoot. Like this past night on "Three Days In Vegas". Whew! Not complaining just sometimes I forget how long "all night" is. Always longer than I remember, that's for sure! At one point I thought I was hallucinating when I saw the Elvis riding the child's bicycle through the Tropicana....but no....just a scene from the movie.

I appreciate being featured in one of the main scenes with a main character, but why did it have to be at hour 11? Not quite as fresh as I was. It's funny how working all night can make me feel drunk all the next day. Good thing I didn't drive today. The last night of filming this movie, "three days in Vegas" , was not a picnic but not bad either. First of all it's a Russian Film and so no English spoken or American actors except a brief cameo by Nicholas Cage who was there but I never saw on the set.

I didn't have any lines so it didn't matter about the language. However they do work faster and more efficiently than I'm used to seeing on American films. The first day, Sunday my part was driving my convertible up to the front valet as the stars of the film arrive in their limo. Last night was just a gambler where a waitress who is actually a stunt woman spills her drink on me. Good thing I went to acting school for all this right? The scenes were at the Tropicana which was recently remodeled, to use that term loosely. The ceilings are still only 7 feet high! Sooo happy to be crawling into bed!

Good thing I have all of today, wonderful today, to rest up until the Billboard Awards start tomorrow.

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