Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remember the "Cold War"? Me neither.

How do you say "action" in Russian? I find it amusing that my car is being booked yet again along with me for another film. I decided it was going to be a "working car" when I bought it and It is, still. Shooting was at the Tropicana. This is a scene where the four friends arrive in town full of excitement. Of course they all look fresh and unwrinkled even though they have supposedly been flying for hours from their home country. My car is lined up in good company at the front entrance...a Jaguar, a Corvette, two BMWs and my I said it's in good company! My "walk by" role was as mundane as these usually are. We wrapped at 4am, only six hours. Not bad at all. Night shoots are usually 10-12 hrs. Sun down to sun up.

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