Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss from "Planet Vegas"

It's that time of year again! Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood.  This year I will be the rehearsal host for Giuliana Rancic, as I was last year.

It's another crew of lip gloss, hairspray, perfect Barbie legs, and great hair! The Miss USA contestants are always "on"...hey, it's good practice for the soon to be title holder! Although I feel bad every year as it seems the girls hardly get any sleep...but they're it never shows. And that's why I hate!

Every year I am one year older and they are always know it keeps you in shape when you know you'll be onstage with young beauty queens twice a year...(I am also rehearsal host for Miss America...also in Las Vegas every year).

And to think I thought my pageant days were over after my brief time as a "Hawaiian Tropic" bikini model and then the more obscure "Miss Petite" pageants, of which I was runner up a couple of times. Who knew back then I'd be working on both Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Universe. At times life can be so much ironic fun!

I know a lot of people think pageants are superficial. Yes, in some ways they are, just like our society....hello! News flash, LOOKS MATTER! The way you present yourself, how you speak, how you interact physically with people, it all matters. The better you are at all of these things the more comfortable you feel in any situation and the more comfortable you make others feel. It's also good for teens and tweens to see girls who are not potty mouths, overweight, sloppy, rude, or so tatted up you can't tell the color of their skin! And NO, you can't show up for a job interview in last nights skirt and flip flops....

Anna Wendt, Guy Chapman, (rehearsal hosts) and the lovely Miss Arizona, Miss USA Pageant 2011. Las Vegas.

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