Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm wide awake

True, and a great new song by Katy Perry. She really lays it on the line!

Our group rocked the Billboards dress rehearsals! We had so much fun you would think we were winning the awards. Hey, why not enjoy your job if you can right?

It was off to an interesting start when I was standing in for Julianne Hough rehearsing our first presentation for "Social Artist of the Year"...the words on the monitor were upside down and backwards! Still, I forged ahead and somehow got through it. What a brain teaser though. Reading right to left instead of left to right.

It was a true pleasure to bring in some of my friends and fellow actors as stand ins for this show.

Previously an actor had to be in the TV union (AFTRA) to work on these productions. However, now with the merger, anyone who was SAG and/or AFTRA is now BOTH! So we are able to provide many more jobs for the actors and many more actors to choose from for the production companies. It's a "win win"...(I know, thats an over used phrase if there ever was one).

One of the highlights was Katy Perry. Her song, "I'm Wide Awake" is honest and emotional. Good for her.

With some of the other awesome rehearsal actors, 
Karen Wendt, Kevon Stover and Jorina King.

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