Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good for another year

Whew, it's always good to have that annual photo session over with. It can be quite a "project", the right look, the right hair, make up, clothes, etc.

I'm happy with what we got yesterday. Did not use a hair and make up person....I'm pretty good at that myself so it's ok. Besides, at least I will look like my pictures when I show up...not something that is true for everyone....yikes! Hair and make up person just not in the budget right now, too much $$. Maybe next time.

About wanting good headshots, it not about vanity, it's about wanting to get the audition! That is so much harder than non industry people realize...just getting the audition.

There's this photographer in town I really really want to shoot with. His name is Oscar and he's awesome! Charges start at $350 so it's a bit of an investment. He makes you look your best but still look like YOU.

I have hundreds of proofs to review....

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