Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elton....thanks for nothing..Diva!

Its odd when your part is cancelled 30 seconds before its supposed to happen. Maybe we will get another chance to lock in this scene for the concert DVD. Hey, anyone can have a bad day, even ELTON JOHN....
At least he had his temper tantrum in time for me to book it next door to Mirage to make my 9:30 Beatles LOVE show. Had the ticket in my purse since my husband and I had bought them days before I was booked to take some lovely friends from New York who were in town.
So by taking the secret exit from the Coliseum Theatre and hustling down very quickly down the strip towards Mirage, I made it to my seat by 9:25!

The "Las Vegas Review Journal" and columnist of "Vegas Confidential", Norm Clarke says it best:


All dressed up and nowhere to dance! Michael Rizza, Elise, Anna Wendt, Geneva, and Brian Scott.

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