Thursday, May 31, 2012

51 pairs of high heels...

Wow! High heels are getting higher every year! Either that or these ladies are getting taller. I think it's the shoes though. A lot of five inch heels. More power to them...I've never really liked more than 3.5 inch myself, otherwise I feel like I'm leaning forward and about to tip over!

What is it about high heels that are so sexy? Who knows but it just IS. I especially love Jessica Simpson's line. Being only 5'0 she understands about needing height and her shoes can be worn for 12 hours at a time...I know, I've done it! Way to go Jessica.....

Great but long day....this is a really outgoing and friendly group of contestants, I like that.

The musical performers I have to admit I'd never heard of..."Cobra Starship". Then realized of course I know their big song..."You Make Me Feel Good" that will be in my head all weekend, that's ok, at least it's a good one!

Kelly Osbourne is back again...she is funny and quirky and pretty and allows herself to be different. I like that. Reminds me of a modern Cindy Lauper. The other backstage host is Jeannie Mai....will have to check her out on IMDB....she is new to me.

Tomorrow is a record breaking long day for me. First 10 hours on set at the pageant, then off to the shoot for the comedy short. It's a party scene and my character is one of an ensemble so hopefully I will be home by midnight to get enough sleep for the 8am call Sat. back at Planet Hollywood.

Jobs seem to come in "waves" in this business, so I have to follow it when it comes and rise to the challenge physically and mentally, which means early to bed most nights. Probably the opposite of what most people think this business is like, sorry to say.

Until next time..........

Lu and Anna

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