Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprise! It's a secret....

Oh, now I can talk about the show I worked on this week. Surprise!

Actually that's the name of the show. I was the rehearsal host for Jenny McCarthy. They had me wired with a lov, a handheld, and an ear feed from the director. I was on stage, in the audience, on the satellite stage, all over the place..... a lot of work, but I love what I do! Jenny was great to work with. Not just saying that. She has a warmth and an energy that shines. Needless to say she is funny as hell.

I also read a few of her books...she is naturally funny and very open about her life, which is not easy for anyone  much less a celeb.

I read her book "Belly Laughs" while deciding if I wanted to have a child or not...(decided not to by the way), but her insight and humor I appreciated very much! Her sense of humor translates well on the page.  She was open and real.

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