Thursday, April 12, 2012

Me and my Sebring...

In this tough economy even my car needs a job!  Got booked as a precision driver and me AND my car are working actors once again.

My convertible even has a couple of agents in L.A....(not really, just registered movie car databases).

The last night of shooting for the Untitled Diablo Cody Project...worked 7pm to 6am...good thing we had such a fun group of people to share the time with.

Russell Brand was more and more lively as the evening went on....must be a night owl.

Apparently the car one of the characters drives is just like mine but red. One of the P.A.'s on the set told me that it was stolen the first night of shooting in Vegas last week and if they had known about mine they'd have offered to buy it,or rent it and paint it red. That would've been interesting...alas, someone else's Sebring got the new red paint and the $$.

Yes, my trusty Sebring JXI has been in several productions, can't remember them all but a few are "Final Justice", "Rush Hour 2", "Now and Again", in addition to several others, including the upcoming "Three Days in Vegas"...

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