Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pulling an "all nighter" isn't always a party!

Yikes, night shoots. That was a rough but profitable introduction back into extra work. Ceasar's Palace was abuzz with the news of Babs shooting a film. (I think it's going to be called "My Mother's Curse". Even though I didn't meet Barbra Streisand she did give me a lovely smile.

Those night shoots can be a beeeeaaatch though....whew! I am not at all up to speed on "all nighters"!.

Monday is C.S.I. Haven't worked on that show since the Foundation Room at the House of Blues back in 03'.

Funny to be back in Vegas working on this show again. Guess I've come full circle from Vegas to L.A. to NYC to L.A. now finally and permanently back to Vegas. It's been an adventurous decade. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  :)

Pic below is early into the first night of two all night shoots.....hence the perky face!

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