Saturday, July 30, 2011

Murder at the Golden Nugget

Ted Danson is the new series lead. Should be interesting to see him embody a non comedic character. I think he can pull it off.
Enjoyed working on this Monday, all 13 hours, at the Golden Nugget and Fremont Street. I remember the first time I worked on CSI was back in 2002. We were doing a formal party scene at a mansion in town. It was freezing rain and our holding area was the 4 car garage and we were all in gowns and tuxes. It was raining and we had to be shuttled to the lunch area which was a tent in an abandoned lot. I ruined a great pair of heels in the mud. Ohhh the glamour! There's a scene in this episode where someone puts pirhanna fish in the pool and they eat someone, which is the murder being investigated. They had an animal agent with her dozen pirhannas they "hired" for the shoot. She told me she got $1,000 per pirhanna per day! $12,000 per day for fish. Which means the fish were making 10 times more per day than the extras. There was also a baby kangaroo that she brought with her just for fun. I got to hold it, it was beautiful.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pulling an "all nighter" isn't always a party!

Yikes, night shoots. That was a rough but profitable introduction back into extra work. Ceasars Palace was abuzz with the news of Babs shooting a film.  Even though I didn't officially meet Barbra Streisand she did give me a lovely smile.

Those night shoots can be a beeeeaaatch though....whew! I am not at all up to speed on "all nighters"!

Monday is C.S.I. Haven't worked on that show since the Foundation Room at the House of Blues back in 2003.

Funny to be back in Vegas working on this show again. Guess I've come full circle from Vegas to L.A. to NYC to L.A. now finally and permanently back to Vegas. It's been an adventurous decade. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  :)

Pic below is early into the first night of two all night shoots.....hence the perky face!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Spent the weekend judging a beauty pageant, the Miss Mesquite and Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant, which is a local one that is part of the Miss America Organization.

I know everyone says this but what a bright group of girls/young ladies. It's just really nice to see people trying to be all they can, and some of them honestly have done amazing things with very few resources.

Bless them!