Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This summer I am thinking of taking an improv refresher. I have taken several improv classes over the years and always learn a lot! The last time I did this was Second City about 7 yrs ago. So I think I will go back to them. Those of you who are interested in pursuing any kind of career that requires acting or "personality" I highly suggest improv classes. Most cities have them available at every level and welcome beginners. This is the kind of improv you do in groups, not stand up comedy, (which I know very very little about. If you want a good story on that, get Sarah Silverman's biography, "Bedwetter". Goooood read).

Back to improv, what it does it help you stop censoring yourself so that you can be more expressive and creative either as a performer, person, or professional. Plus, it's like free therapy, you laugh so hard at yourself and others in class. Improv classes are also great for kids and teens, it really helps them come out of their shell. Your classmates and teacher are always supportive and that makes you feel safe to go outside your boundaries. If you ever get an improv teacher that isn't supportive change teachers!. Acting teachers can be mean, and I've had a few and that can be good for you, not with improv, has to be "safe".

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